Market Updates Just Released!

The Henry Wong Team have just released their market updates for the areas they’re operational in. See the details below and get in touch for your copy.

“Hi, I’m Henry Wong, from Remax. We’ve just released our latest market updates for Wishart, Mansfield, Carindale, Mackenzie, and now we’re going to Cannon Hill.

If you’d like to subscribe to our market updates, it kind of looks like this, we have a physical book for quite a few of our suburbs. It’s an actual magazine. The magazine goes through, I guess, a bit about us, what are the properties that have sold, the highest price, lowest price, the average rentals, the average one story, two story homes, three, four bedroom homes. Also, a bit of information about the real estate market and a list of every single property that has sold in the past six months for that particular suburb.

If you want to get hold of this, you can always email me at hwong@remax.com.au, and we can email you a copy. Or if you don’t use email, just give me a call, 0412 471 588, and I’m happy to post a copy to you.”