Mansfield State School – “Loyalty and Truth”

Mansfield state school

Wishart and Mansfield are blessed with a stellar selection of government schools, and Mansfield State School is no exception. Widely regarded as a drawcard to this area, this school has been servicing the area for several decades now, providing an excellent education for both boys and girls. With an active parents and citizens committee, the school is highly engaged with the community and takes great pride in the contribution to their catchment area.

Mansfield State School Reviews are generally always positive across the board, with a high quality of education being provided from Prep to Year 6. Established in 1970, the Mansfield State School enrolment fluctuates around 1196 children, with a strong focus on multi-culturalism. In fact, 63% of the students there are from a non-English speaking background. This diversity is essential in creating a joyful and harmonious school environment, one where students are taught tolerance and inclusivity.

According to the Mansfield State School principal, the school follows a vision of creating curious, engaged learners; creative, critical thinkers and caring, active citizens. They do this by providing a safe and innovative space for their students to explore and be empowered; to learn how to lead and learn how to be respectful.

Mansfield State School Ranking

The school has always achieved good rankings in its NAPLAN results, where years 3 and 5 are tested and there is 98% participation. The school results consistently come in above the national average for reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy. For example, in 2019 the Year 5 NAPLAN results for reading were 536, well above the national average of 432.

This is a confirmation of the excellent standard of education offered there.

Mansfield State School Catchment

As a public school, enrolment is guaranteed to students residing in the catchment area. Applications from outside the catchment area are carefully managed so that capacity isn’t exceeded. Located at 174 Ham Road in Mansfield, the school has a broad-reaching catchment which you can view here. Many people are drawn to the suburb in order to reside in the catchment of this public school. If you’re interested in enrolling your child then please get in touch with the school board.

Facilities and Extra-Curricular at the School

The well-equipped school has a large campus, with access to sporting facilities and a plenty of extra-curricular activities on offer. Of note is Mansfield Arts and Drama (MAD), which offers interested students the chance to pursue their passion for the performing arts, enjoying drama, singing and dance and the expressive qualities it can instil and foster.

The school has a long and proud history of community integration, with a strong parents committee always willing to contribute. There is a tuckshop and a uniform shop, as well as Out of School Hours care provided by the School Plus Foundation.

Contact Information

If you’d like to find out more about the school, including Mansfield State School bell times and other day-to-day information about the running of the school, here are some handy details:

Mansfield State School Website: https://mansfieldss.eq.edu.au/

Mansfield State School Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/mansfieldss

Email: info@mansfieldss.eq.edu.au

Phone: (07) 3421 3888

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