Mansfield State High School – A ‘Steadfast’ Asset to the Area

Mansfield State High

If ever there was a jewel in the crown of impressive schools on the southside of Brisbane, this is it. Mansfield State High School reviews are in line with what an outstanding institution it is, and today we want to give you a bit of background to the school and why it’s so important to the suburb.

A co-educational government school located on the corner of Broadwater and Ham Road in Mansfield, it was opened in 1974 and caters to years seven to 12. The school motto of ‘Steadfast’ has proved apt over the years, as traditions of excellence have held strong to give the school an unmatched reputation when it comes to Queensland Government High Schools.

Mansfield State High School enrolment stands at 3137 students, of which 44% have an English-speaking background and 56% are from a background other than English. This gives the school a multi-cultural foundation that helps promote the values of unity, tolerance, integration and working together.

Karen Tanks, the Mansfield State High School principal, states that the schools vision statement of ‘Quality Learning in a Caring Environment’ is something that happens every day, in every lesson. Not only that, but there’s also a strong culture of support, belonging and pride in everything across all aspects of schooling.

Mansfield State High School Catchment Map

Being a government school enrolment is open to students living with the catchment zone, which you can view in more details here. Applications from outside the catchment area are carefully managed so that capacity isn’t exceeded. The popularity of the school has a big effect on the real estate in Mansfield, with many families wanting to move to the suburb simply to enrol their children in the school. If you’re interested in enrolling your child then please get in touch with the school, they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about the catchment coverage and the Mansfield State High School student numbers.

Mansfield State High School Ranking

The school achieves commendably high rankings across the board. Their commitment to high quality education is particularly evident in their NAPLAN results. With over 3,000 children attending annually, they do well to maintain a 97% NAPLAN participation. They record results generally well above the national average, which is in keeping with their excellent reputation.

Let’s look at a couple of examples: The national average for Grammar in Grade 7 was 542, while the school recorded results of 598. In Numeracy, the national results were 554, while at MSHS they were 604.

Facilities and Extra-Curricular at the School

Widely regarded as being one of the leading state secondary schools in Brisbane, Mansfield State High consistently ranks in the top 10 Queensland state high schools. Offering a culturally diverse, inclusive and encouraging place to learn, the school aims for all students to exceed their own potential.

The campus is remarkably well equipped with a wide range of advanced facilities. A strong focus on physical education means sports facilities are well represented, including a purpose-built indoor sports centre, a number of outdoor courts and a full-sized athletics oval. There are impressive computer facilities for all ages, and teaching spaces are the right mix of conventional and flexible.

If you’re looking for a secondary school which places high expectations on your kids and facilitates them to meet them in a supportive manner, then Mansfield State High could be the centre of excellence you are looking for.

Contact Information

To find out more about MSHS, including your questions about Mansfield State School uniform, bell times and other day-to-day information about the running of the school, here are useful contact details:

Mansfield State High School Website: https://mansfieldss.eq.edu.au/

Mansfield State High School Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/mansfieldss

Email: info@mansfieldss.eq.edu.au

Phone: (07) 3421 3888

If you’re looking to move to the southside of Brisbane, taking a look at houses in the MSHS catchment area is a good place to start. For all your real estate information, please get in touch with The Henry Wong Team®. We’ve been selling property in Mansfield for many years, and Henry would love to chat about the area.