How Our New Website Helps YOU

new website

2018 is an exciting year for the Henry Wong Team, as we’ve expanded our reach into the digital world with our new website.

Even better, you’ll be glad to learn that 2018 should also be an exciting year for you.

That’s because whether you’re a potential property buyer or seller, this website is designed to help you.

Helping property buyers

If you’re a buyer, our new website helps you in several ways. We deal with a lot of interstate and overseas buyers, so we were particularly mindful about meeting your needs, especially as many traditional property listings only focus on local buyers. Of course, if you’re a local buyer, we still take care of you too!

Benefits for Chinese-speaking buyers

As a Chinese-speaking buyer, accessibility can be difficult when it comes to Australian property, so we set out to solve this challenge.

You can view our website in its entirety in both English and Chinese. This means that you can find us and our properties more easily, as our website is visible in the Chinese Baidu search engine results pages. This is particularly important if you’re located in mainland China, where you cannot access Google. For your convenience, all our listings and content are translated manually in Chinese, so you can learn all the details about each property and the neighbourhood in which it’s situated.

Benefits for overseas buyers

Buying from overseas adds complications to an already complex transaction, so we’ve added features to our website to simplify this as much as possible.

For all our overseas buyers, we’ve included handy currency converter calculators on the site so you can get a clearer idea of price. To help you make a fully informed decision, we also link to important information you need to know when buying a property in Brisbane (such as links to government pages about “stamp duty” – a tax on property purchases).

Benefits for “out-of-area” buyers

If you’re an “out-of-area” buyer based overseas, interstate or simply many suburbs away, it can be difficult to know which suburbs you should consider buying in. In fact, the perfect suburb for you may be one you’ve never heard of!

That’s why all our property listings include detailed information about the local neighbourhood, including videos about the suburb and area, and information about amenities (including public transport, shopping centres and parks), school catchment areas (an important consideration for marketing a rental property) and more. This helps you shop like a local as you can make more informed decisions about where to buy.

Benefits for all buyers

Have you ever been frustrated by a property listing that told you practically nothing?

No matter where you’re located, we provide comprehensive information about both our properties and the suburbs in which they’re located. In addition to photos, floor plans and written descriptions, we share videos and animated videos of the property and area. This makes it easier for you to make the right decision about your next home or investment, as you have a more thorough idea of both what and where you’re buying.

Added benefits for all buyers

Do you have a clear vision of exactly what you’re looking for?

At the Henry Wong Team, we work closely with buyers, not just sellers. If you know what you’re looking for, you can register your interest and what you’re looking for with us. This allows you to access a pool of properties for sale that haven’t yet gone “on the market”. Already, more than one in three of our properties is sold before it’s even been advertised. Let us do the searching for you and help you find your perfect home or investment. (Click here to register your interest.)

Helping property sellers

Of course, as real estate agents, a core part of our business is helping property sellers. So we’ve designed our website to better deliver on the benefits we’ve been offering sellers like you for years, including thorough listings and the opportunity to sell without even going “to market”. Most of the benefits we offer you as a seller also benefit buyers, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Listing benefits

Most property listings look exactly like the last one you looked at – and tell your prospective buyers almost nothing. Our website breaks that trend entirely.

Because we take the business of selling your property seriously, we invest in marketing it as thoroughly and effectively as possible. We use our website listings to promote your property with tailored photos, floorplans and videos designed to showcase both your house and neighbourhood. This stands out against ordinary listings with their handful of dodgy iPhone photos, ensuring your property gets more attention. Our added focus on location marketing (promoting the benefits of buying in your suburb) also helps us sell your property faster, for more.

Visibility benefits

The greater the number of potential buyers who see your property, the faster it will sell – and the more easily you can get a good price for it. That’s why we do everything we can to get your property in front of the largest number of audiences possible.

Our entire website – including your property’s listing and videos – is available in both English and Chinese. The Chinese content is translated by bi-lingual English/Chinese speakers, not Google Translate. Having your property’s listing in Chinese doesn’t just make it easier for Chinese-speaking buyers to read it. It also makes it easier for Chinese speakers to find your listing in the first place. As Google isn’t available in The People’s Republic of China, we’ve created a Chinese website that’s visible on Baidu, the Chinese search engine.

“Off the market” benefits

Unlike many real estate agents, we work closely with buyers, not just sellers. However, this actually benefits our sellers as it allows you to get an indication of what buyers will actually pay for your property before it even goes to market.  This means you’ll get feedback about price not just from us, but from actual buyers who may sign a contract on your property.

Already, more than one in three of our properties sells before it goes “to market”. This represents a huge saving in terms of time and money for our sellers. With the website, we’ve taken this process and automated it so we can sell even more properties without even worrying about listing them. By expanding our reach to potential buyers and giving them the opportunity to tell us precisely what they want, we can more easily match your property to the perfect buyer before your listing even appears online.

Helping everyone

Our thorough and informative property listings in English and Chinese represent huge value to buyers and sellers in and of themselves, but the value our website offers doesn’t end there.

We also wanted to create a platform where we could answer your questions and share news about the property market. From tips for preparing your property for sale, to updates on new legislation affecting local, interstate or overseas buyers, our goal is to create a blog that’s your go-to resource for information about buying and selling in Brisbane.

Let us help you!

If there’s a particular topic you’d like us to cover or a key real estate question you’ve been wondering about, we want to answer it here! Simply email your questions to askhenry@hw.protomojo4.com.au and we’ll try to answer as many of your questions as we can.

And if you’re ready to buy or sell in Brisbane? Then get in touch with The Henry Wong Team today