Henry Wong and the Power of Bx Networking

Business networking is powerful, whatever industry you’re in. In fact, having a strong network is the ultimate support unit, and for many people the key to their success. In real estate, at The Henry Wong Team® we know having a referral network with strong connections to affluent clients is pivotal to selling prestige properties. Leveraging our network helps us meet the expectations of our sellers (just check out our track record at auctions for proof!)

Networking doesn’t just happen though, it’s an investment of time and effort. Sure, you can print a thousand business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet over a couple of months. That’s not real networking though – real networking is about building relationships. It’s about forming bonds with people based on a mutual will to help each other out, connecting the dots between needs and skills and pointing contacts in the right direction.

Henry’s Networking Strategy

To successfully build up a large referral network, you need the right strategy. Henry has been working on his strategy for years, and it’s successfully helped him build up a network that spans communities in Queensland, Australia and overseas. It’s a network that helps him secure a large majority of his real estate contracts as unconditional, because they come from a trusted referral source.  

In growing this network, Henry has learned there are three ways you can get someone’s attention if you’d like them to be a part of your network. These three ways now form the cornerstone of his strategy in expanding his contacts. They are: 

  1. Send them paying clients. If you do this, you effectively send someone income. They want to know where it comes from, so they’re going to find out and notice who is sending them the paying clients! 
  2. Connect them with referral partners who send them paying clients. If you introduce two people who send each other clients, they’ll definitely know who you are and appreciate the connection you facilitated.
  3. Find something of value to the person. This doesn’t even have to be in a business sense – they could be needing a French tutor for their kids, and because you have one in your network, you can connect them. Or perhaps they are trying to grow their business, and you can connect them to an exceptional business coach who is in your network. You solve problems for people in that way, you’re going to get their attention. 

For those serious about building networks, using the above three methods will help. What Henry has found is a great conduit for this kind of networking is Bx Networking, which we want to talk a bit about now. 

Business Networking Reimagined

Bx is a way to supercharge your business through the power of referrals, an opportunity to remove the stress of searching for high quality leads.

Advertising? Expensive. Online marketing? Competitive. Referral networking is another way, a better way. A way to bypass these traditional, expensive means of getting your business out there.

Here’s how it works – when you sign up to Bx and follow the Business Networking Formula, you get introduced to a group of referral partners numbering in the dozens. You meet regularly, you build relationships, you figure out what everyone does and how you complement each other.

These referral partners are your key to hundreds of potential leads, which can mean a whole heap of new clients. In return, when you come across a colleague, client, friend or family member in need of a particular skill offered by a member of your referral network, you connect the dots between them.

Henry and The South Brisbane Bx Networking Chapter

The South Brisbane chapter of Bx meets every fortnight on a Thursday at 8am at Mantra in South Bank. This is a strong and fast-growing section of the Bx community, one that encourages new visitors to join and loves contributing to the ongoing success of members! 

One friendly face you’ll see at a Bx South Brisbane meeting is Henry’s. Henry is the Member xPerience Officer for South Brisbane, so it’s his job to ensure members have a great experience at a meeting and enjoy an ROI on their time and membership investment. Please say hello if you stop by at a meeting!

If you have any questions about Bx Business Networking and its effectiveness, Henry would love to answer them. You can contact him here, or register for a South Brisbane meeting here