An Exciting Double Auction

exciting double auction

It was a busy day of auctions at Harcourts Beyond, with two fantastic Wishart properties going under the hammer by The Henry Wong Team® in an exciting double auction. We’re extremely proud of the results on the day, with the hard work being done by Henry and the team resulting in two successful in-room real estate auctions both achieving well above the reserve price set by the owners of both 47 Garie Street and 2 Tapscott Street.

We’ve put together a video of the day to accurately capture the energy of a Henry Wong auction, not to mention the excitement and the good will. A competitive atmosphere was created for both these Wishart properties with an efficient and widespread real estate marketing campaign, and the results on the day spoke for themselves.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank both the happy buyers and the satisfied sellers for trusting the Henry Wong Team® with their real estate transactions. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks also to The Harcourts Beyond team, our auctioneer Christian Hamilton and anyone who attended and registered for the auction. If you would like to enquire about our auction process, please get in touch with Henry and his team.

Below is a transcript of the video for your perusal.

Henry Wong:
We’re here at Harcourts Beyond for the auctions of 47 Garie Street, Wishart, and 2 Tapscott Street, Wishart. So, we’ve just prepared everything over here right now. And the auction will be held right here in our boardroom, over there. So, without further ado, let the games begin.

Christian Hamilton:
Now folks as you all very well know, we’ve got two magnificent properties within the order of sales. So buyers, that’s enough from me. Now, I throw it over to you. Looking for that opening bidder offer to get us underway. Bottle of Moet’s here and at $700,000, I’ve got now, 875 to bid now and 930…

Henry Wong:

Christian Hamilton:
40 I’ve got. Third time. Are we done, finished and silent? First call at 975, twice, we are going at 975, big round of applause ladies and gentlemen. We are SOLD! Congratulations and well bought. So buyers, I throw it over to you. Another bottle of Moet up for grabs to our opening bidder. 

At 650, I’ve got at the back of the room, bottle of Moet’s here. At 700,000, now at 900, 950 to play, 1 million the bid, at a million dollars bid in the office here, now, we’ll give it away. They’re at $1,080,000 I’ve got finished and silent at $1,220 000. 42 is the offer now, at $1,242,000, we are selling, third time, done, finished, silent. We are selling at 1242. We are selling, we are SOLD! Congratulations and well bought. 

Two magnificent properties in the heart of Wishart, just go under the hammer. Both properties selling well in excess of our sellers expectations and that’s just a true sign of the great work that Henry and his team do. When it comes to buying and selling real estate within Wishart and surrounding marketplaces, you cannot look past Henry Wong and the team here at Harcourts Beyond, their boasting in excess over 90% auction clearance rate under the hammer. Again, phenomenal results, multiple bidders at every single auction. Buyers, once again, and sellers, if you’re wanting to buy and sell within the local marketplace, please make sure that you reach out to Henry and the team.