The Eight Mile Plains Gateway Neighbourhood Plan

Eight Mile Plains Gateway Neighbourhood plan

The Henry Wong Team® loves the southside of Brisbane. It’s our home, and it’s where Henry grew up, getting his education at Wishart State School and frequenting places like the Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre.

We get really excited about new developments here. They’re an indication of the progress the southside suburbs are making, and they have a positive effect on the real estate markets. Developments mean jobs, and jobs mean people, and people need places to live close to their work.

Especially exciting to Brisbane southside residents and investors is that the Upper Mt Gravatt-Eight Mile Plains area has been identified as one of eight ‘global precincts’ within Brisbane. What are these global precincts? Well they were selected as priority precincts in Council’s 2017 ‘Shared Vision for Australia’s New World City.’ According to Brisbane City Council, they’re:

“…identified for their scalable industrial activity, world-class business environments and global research. From lifestyle, entertainment and culture, to specialised medical research, technology-based employment and advanced manufacturing, these global priority precincts play a unique and critical role in Brisbane’s economy.”  (Source: Brisbane City Council)

In connection with this recognition, BCC has formed the “Eight Mile Plains Gateway Neighbourhood Plan” (link is here). This plan is designed to help Council get a picture of what the next few years of development in Eight Mile Plains will look like. It gives them insights into how the land should be used and what infrastructure needs to be constructed.

How is this plan developed? It’s a process of working with the community at all levels, getting their input through face-to-face communications as well as online feedback. Then a draft strategy is formed, which the community again has the opportunity to report back on with their views.

This feedback and input from the community is looked at in conjunction with technical reports, and from this the neighbourhood plan arises. Adoption is likely to be in Mid 2021, after all the necessary procedures have been gone through.

The draft strategy for the Plan was released in November 2019. It gives an idea of some of the actual steps that could be feasibly taken under the plan. You can read it here, or you can have a look at these important takeaways we got from reading it.

Takeaways from the Eight Mile Plains Gateway Neighbourhood Plan


Encourage future growth of Brisbane Technology Park. This includes:

  • Increasing maximum building heights within the park and on the Southern side of Miles Platting Road;
  • Create a focal point of food and beverage outlets, health services and entertainment within the park;
  • Upgrade Miles Platting Road with lighting, trees and wider footpaths;
  • Promote improvements to the open spaces and streets within the park by providing trees, artwork and seating;

Transport Infrastructure:

  • Provide a pedestrian bridge over the Pacific Motorway between the new Brisbane Metro station and Brisbane Technology Park;
  • Enhance local roads so that busy work areas are accessible;
  • Promote more taxi ranks, disabled car parks and drop-and-go areas.

Promoting Employment:

  • Attracting different size warehouses, commercial spaces and offices throughout the area to provide jobs;
  • Build a new Brisbane Metro depot employment hub on Logan Road;
  • Look at where vocational training facilities can be built into employment areas.


  • Grow availability of villas and townhouses on Levington Road, Slobodian Avenue, Miles Platting Road and the corner of Millers and Underwood Road;
  • Promote development of residential buildings up to six storeys high along Miles Platting Road so people can live close to their places of employment;
  • Ensure vacant land is developed according to design principles that contribute to the identity of the area;
  • Identify where we could build a community service space and a community and arts facility.

The Henry Wong Team® feels these developments will represent great advances for the suburb and we’re excited for our fellow southside residents. If you have any questions about what Council is planning and how this could affect real estate in the future, please get in touch with us. We’d love to help.

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Don’t forget to keep checking back at the Henry Wong Blog for more information about developments in Brisbane’s southside! Or contact us here with your questions.