Covid Restrictions to Ease

covid restrictions to ease

Well done Australia, we’re working hard to flatten this curve and it looks like we’ve got the upper hand against the coronavirus. Here in Queensland the government has taken a strong stance against COVID-19. It seems to be paying off, and we’re now aligning ourselves with a strategy towards recovery.

The Premier has now released a roadmap towards Queensland easing the COVID-19 restrictions to take place between now and July 12th. As well as the easing we’ve enjoyed to date, it includes another two stages of four weeks each, leading up to a third stage of indeterminate length.

The diagram below contains all the details of the stages and what they mean for your friends, family and community. You’re able to see them there, but we just want to highlight the information that’s relevant to real estate for now.

covid restrictions easing

From 11.59 pm on May 15th, Stage One comes into play. This has important ramifications for real estate buyers and sellers because we’ll be allowed to conduct auctions and home opens again.

Auctions: Because public gatherings of up to ten people will be allowed again, we’ll be able to conduct auctions on site again rather than virtually. Social distancing will need to be observed, and agents will be required to take down the names and details of all attendees in case contact tracing is required down the track.

Open Home Inspections: Similar to auctions, up to 10 people will be allowed to attend a home open. Details will also need to be given and social distancing observed, with the agent keeping physical distances of 4 square metres per person. Hand sanitising and environmental disinfecting will also be strictly observed at these home opens.

On the 12th June Stage Two will start. This will usher in an increase to 20 people allowed at an auction or open home. Then on 10th July, Stage Three kicks in and this number increases to 100 people. It will likely remain at this number for a while whilst assessments are made by the government health department as to when all restrictions can be dropped.

While it will be good to get home opens and auctions going again, there are still serious restrictions on travel that will mean a physical visit to a property is really only available to locals. Recreational travel of 150-kilometresfrom your home is currently allowed for a day trip, but interstate and international travel is still not open.

For this reason we’ll still keep up our online tours of properties as well as our online auctions. As always, our clear communication channels will be maintained, so if you have any questions about the easing of the restrictions and how that’ll affect real estate in Brisbane and beyond, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!