Coronavirus Updates: How to Stay Informed

Coronavirus Updates

Hi, I’m Henry Wong from Harcourts Beyond. I thought I’d share with you how we stay in touch with regards to regular updates about coronavirus or COVID-19. The first website that we keep up to date with is the Australian Government website, australia.gov.au. This is the official Australian Government website. As you can see, the big heading here, coronavirus COVID-19, so this website is regularly updated by the government. You’ve got essential information about advice, key updates, health and prevention, supporting the community, any financial support, about education, about businesses and employees, information for travelers and so forth.

It’s also a good idea to check out your state or territory government website as well. Since we’re based in Queensland, we would check out the Queensland Government website. We go to qld.gov.au. This is the official Queensland Government website. Now you can browse through this website to look at all the information about COVID-19 as well. As you can see here, border restrictions, economic relief package, health advice and so forth. Now another website that you check out on is health.gov.au. This is the official Australian Government Health website. So this is, as you can see, health.gov.au, about coronavirus, COVID-19 prime minister’s statements. The latest news about health.

You can browse through this and click what you want and hopefully the information that you’re after is in here. Now the last thing you want to check out is what’s going on in the news, the media. A really good website that we check out is news.com.au. Here you go. Here’s up to date news, coronavirus updates about the full coverage, et cetera. I’ll briefly recap the four different websites. Number one, australia.gov.au. Now, good idea to bookmark this website.

Actually bookmark all these websites on your electronic devices, your laptop, your PC, desktop, mobile, tablets, et cetera. So we have australia.gov.au. The next thing is your state or territory website, so in case for us it is Queensland Government. So qld.gov.au. Also, the Australian Health website as well. So it’s health.gov.au. As you can see over here, Australian Government Department of Health. It’s got all the information here, and the latest news about health from the Australian Government. And lastly about news, we can go to news.com.au. So there you have it. These are the four different websites. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me by direct message on social media, or you can just send me an email, SMS, or even just give me a call.