The Concept of Brain Energy

concept of brain energy

In this real estate vlog Henry Wong from Harcourts Beyond talks about the concept of brain energy, telling us an effective technique to stay on top of things mentally, maintaining strong energy levels.

“Hi, welcome to another episode of Henry’s Thoughts. Before we go any further, please follow us at @theHenryWongTeam.

Today we’ll cover the topic of brain energy. Now, what I mean by that is, say, for example, it’s 9am and today is Sunday. You’ve got dishes in the sink from dinner last night. You don’t feel like washing them. You’ll do it when you come home, after you go out with your friends. Plus you’ve also got clothes that you need to iron, because you got to work tomorrow. You know, you’ll probably leave it until you come back around with your friends at six o’clock later today.

Let me give you an illustration. Let’s say you have A over here which represents the dishes in the sink, B over here which represents the clothes that you need to iron. And this is time.

This is 6pm when you come home with your friends. We’re at 9am at the moment, this is at the present time. As you go out throughout the day to when you come back, A and B, which is the dishes you have in a sink which you have not washed yet, plus B the clothes which you have yet to iron. As you go out throughout the day, when it hits 10am, 12pm, one, two, three, all the way to 6pm. As time goes by each one of these things drains energy from your brain. So instead of being fully present with your friends, you’re thinking crap, I’ve got to wash the dishes. Crap, I still haven’t ironed my clothes. And you think about it more and more as you go throughout your day.

And what that does is it actually takes the attention away from your friends. Your friends don’t actually get a hundred percent of your attention. They might get just 70% because you’re constantly thinking about this. And imagine, you don’t just have dishes that you have yet to wash. You don’t just have clothes you’ve left to iron. You’ve got other things that you need to do, like I’ve going to buy the milk. I’m going to pick up some stuff later in the day for another friend’s house. The more things that you have in your mind that aren’t done, what that means is the more energy drains, because they’re not done yet.

How do we overcome this? Well, if you have dishes in the sink wash it you immediately. Don’t delay. That’s a five-minute job, ten-minute job. Whack it in the dishwasher. If you need to iron the clothes, wake up half an hour early, iron the clothes right there, right then. Why? So that when you go throughout your day it doesn’t drain your brain energy.

Hopefully this actually is very useful. And if you’ve got any other questions as to how this whole concept of brain energy really works. Well, it’s worked really well for me, this concept. Feel free to contact me.”