Challenge Accepted, Success Achieved!

challenge and success

challenge and success

Here at the Henry Wong Team® we love the opportunity to sell interesting real estate. Properties that are unique and special, that aren’t your standard homes and probably fall outside the comfort zone of what most real estate agents would take on.

We found one such home in 4 Ross Street in Woolloongabba, and our team approached the challenge with enthusiasm and zeal. The big question on all our lips was, “How much does an unrenovated, character zoned house sell for in Woolloongabba?”

The Challenge

4 Ross Street is an 809-square-metre block of land two kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. Whilst the location is great, the property itself is fairly run down and in need of renovation. To complicate matters further, its character zoned and sits directly between a church and a commercial centre. This means you can’t knock the pre-war home down, so a heavy renovation is required.

Most buyers who expressed an interest in the home were in it for a profit, meaning they wanted to buy, renovate and sell. We knew that to get the best possible price for our sellers, we had to market the dream of the lifestyle this home could offer to someone who renovated it and moved in themselves. We needed to find the buyer whose next chapter in life matched up with a property like this.

Our marketing team went to work.

The Process

Here at The Henry Wong Team® we’ve developed a framework that helps reduce our reliance on the main property marketing portals when we sell a home. It’s called the “Your Next Chapter” framework, and it leverages social media, database marketing, extensive education and marketing knowledge to maximise the reach of our listings. With that as our foundation, we undertook the following:

– We have a massive database of buyers, and these were all notified before the property went to market. We’ve grown this database over the years and have sold many properties through it before they even get listed.

– We enlisted a professional videographer, photographer and copywriter to provide us with exceptional marketing material. The Henry Wong Team® place a strong focus on quality when it comes to our visual and written marketing.

– All our marketing is bilingual and distributed through both English and Chinese channels. We even have a manually-translated Chinese version of our website.

– We listed the property on the main property portals, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

– Last but not least, we heavily lent on our social media to get the word of this property out, particularly our 10,000 Facebook followers.

The Result

Well, we found our buyer. We sold the location, we sold the potential of this home and we sold the lifestyle that could be enjoyed once a top notch renovation was complete. We had 53 Facebook enquiries and the end result was we locked in a happy buyer for $1,350,000. This left big smiles on the faces of all parties involved, and we’d like to congratulate both the buyers and sellers on successfully moving on to their next chapter.

No matter how unique your property is, we’d love the opportunity to chat about the best method of selling it. Get in touch and we can get the ball rolling.