Five Sites you Should Check Out When Buying a Property

You want to gather as much information about a property you’re buying as possible. In this real estate vlog Henry gives you the inside scoop on five tools that real estate agents use to get information on a property. From flood zones to school catchment areas, these will save you a lot of time and worry.

“Hi, I’m Henry Wong. You’re looking at a property to buy. Say for example, 77 Delaney Circuit in Carindale. Here are five links you should check out when buying that property. First of all, we want to check on the Brisbane city council website, pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au. We click on this link. Now, we click here, I agree. We scroll down where it says property inquiry. We click on that, new property inquiry. We’re in a suburb of Carindale. Street Name is Delaney Circuit. Street number, 77. Search more details. We can see the search results over here, 77 Delaney Circuit, Carindale. The land area is 76 square meters. The zoning is a low density residential. Now let’s say for example you want to inquire more information about the property.

What you can do is click on the contact us. Scroll down here, and you look at the phone number, 0734038888. Best to call during business hours and ask for a town planner. You can always ask a question as, look, can I actually knock down the house and build a duplex? Can I knock down the house and build flats? They’ll give you a general advice as to what is code assessable or impact assessable. If you want to get very specific as to what exactly you can do, you may need to pay for a professional qualified town planner. Our next link you want to check is the property flooded or parts of the property flooded. We can go to floodinformation.brisbane.qld.gov.au/fio/floodwisesearch. This is a Brisbane city council website that checks the property you’re looking at if it’s flooded or not. We look up Carindale, Delaney Circuit, 77. View as pdf, search. View as pdf, download.

This is a flood report from the Brisbane City Council on 77 Delaney Circuit. You can see the property has no flood levels, that means there is no flooding here according to this report. If part of the property that is flooded, you will actually see the lowest level and the highest level in a diagram, and also the previous flood levels over the past few years. Next, we will go to check out the school catchment areas. We go to qgso.qld.gov.au/maps/edmap. Here’s a Queensland government website. We type in the home address, 77 Delaney Circuit, Carindale. You can see the search results. It’s in the Belmont State School catchment and the Cavendish Road State High. You can see this is where the house is, 77 Delaney Circuit. If you scroll up, you click on primary catchments, that’s highlighted. You can see the borderline over here.

This is the borderline for Belmont State School and this is the house. If you want to look at secondary catchments years seven to 10, you can see 77 Delaney Circuit. This purple line is the boundary for Cavendish Road State High School. We click on secondary catchments, years 11 to 12, the same thing as well. We see 77 Delaney Circuit right here, the Cavendish Road State High School, and here is the green borderline of the school catchments. Next, we will look at stamp duties, so you go to realestate.com.au/home-loans/stamp-duty-calculator. We click on this link right here. The house is in Queensland. Let’s say we are paying $1,180,000. Now, we are looking to buy to move in, so that’s what primary residence means. Investment means you’re buying obviously to rent it out.

We are not a first home buyer, and you can see the fee breakdown, mortgage registration fee of 181, trenches fee of 3581, stamp duty of 41,200, total government fees of 44,962. If you’re looking at buying it as an investment property, we click on this. As you can see, the amounts are updated to 52,137. Let’s say you’re looking to buy as a primary residence and you are a first home buyer. You automatically calculate all this and the fee is $44,962. Bear in mind with this stamp duty calculator, this is only based on an estimate. If you want to get an exact price, best talk to your solicitor for the stamp duty calculations or your accountant for that matter. Next, we’ll head back to see our last link. You want to get some advice as to what to look for as a buyer. You can go to henrywong.com.au/categories/buyers. This will actually take you to our blog page.

It says blog over here and you can actually click on the buyers. This is a quick way of going to it. You can see articles such as How to Check a Real Estate Agency’s Reviews, agents website, agents online reviews, buying your first home, telling your real estate agent your story, APRA Changes Could Allow Home Buyers to Borrow More, and so forth. A quick way to go into this is, to go to henrywong.com.au, look at the blog, click on blog right here, and then you scroll down. You look at the categories, buyers advice, click on that, and there you go. We actually have quite a lot of articles over here, and we’re constantly putting more and more articles for buyers like yourself to help you make better informed decisions. We’ll head back to where we are in our Word document, so there you have it. These are the five links that you should check out when buying a property. If you’d like to have a look at these links, just hop on to our website, henrywong.com.au, and look at this blog, or you can send me an email at hwong@remax.com.au or just direct message me on social media.”