Behind the Scenes at Auction Day

auction behind scenes

There was unprecedented action when 8 Lexington Place in Wishart went to auction. Maybe it was the lucky number 8, maybe it’s the fact that this is an immaculately comfortable and functional family home. There are a multitude of reasons why this auction was so popular, all of which were capitalized on by The Henry Wong Team® in our 13-day marketing campaign for this home.

The results speak for themselves. We did some intensive marketing during a short campaign and ended up showing over 100 groups of interested real estate buyers through the home. On auction day, a massive crowd gathered and there were 21 registered bidders, all ready to go head-to-head.

There can only be one bidder that takes home the ultimate prize however, and after a frantic bidding session we had our winner. Most importantly, we had an ecstatic buyer and over the moon sellers. Their reserve price was absolutely crushed, and 8 Lexington Avenue ended up changing hands for $1.33 million. The action even got reported on in Queensland media.

Above is a video we made on auction day to give you some insight into the process and a feel for the excitement. We hope you enjoy watching it, and if you wish to read the transcript you’ll find that below.

The Henry Wong Teams® Consistent Auction Results

Over our last ten auctions, we have had ten successful sales. That’s a 100% clearance rate. And during the last year, we’ve achieved a clearance rate of well over 90%. In fact, we’re fast becoming the auction experts on the southside of Brisbane.

How have we maintained such consistency with our auction results? Well when lockdowns and the pandemic changed the business and real escape landscape in Australia, we saw opportunity. The chance to fine tune our marketing efforts, to reach more and more people around the country and overseas, and educate them on why the southside of Brisbane is such a blue-chip suburb to buy in.

Our virtual inspections and in-depth marketing material helped people form perceptions of a home without actually visiting it themselves. Which, in lockdown times, was perfect. W then started performing virtual auctions, completely done online and streamed tpo all registered bidders and interested parties. This was the best way to replicate the auction room we found, and our success in this was a major steppingstone to finetuning our entire auction selling process.

Today, we want to put that process to work for you. We want you to enjoy the same seamless real estate sales process, as well as the astounding prices achieved, as the owners of 8 Lexington Place.

If you have any questions about real estate in Brisbane or the property market in general, please get in touch. Henry would love to answer any questions you may have. If you would like an idea of how much your house is worth, and whether an auction would be the best route of sale, he is willing and able to advise on that too.

Transcript of Real Estate Auction Video

Henry Wong:

We’re here at 8 Lexington Place, Wishart. This is the first auction for 2022. We’ve got 17 registered bidders, and in 13 days, over 100 groups through. So let’s see how it all pans out today.

Mitch Peereboom:

Mitch Peereboom is my name. I’m simply here to facilitate proceedings. Where do we open for an opening bid or offer to get things started here. $800,000, that was a bid now, we’ll go to nine. $900,000 that was a bid now.

Speaker 2:

One million.

Mitch Peereboom:

One million now. One million two-

Speaker 2:


Mitch Peereboom:

25, we are on the market at $1,325,000 that was a bid now. Second time, we are out and done now $1,325,000. Three three. Back in front now, 1,33. Second time now, $1,330,000 that was a bid now. We’re out and down at 1,33. We are going at $1,330,000. We’ll tell them on the phone, welcome home. Sold to them and well bought now. $1,330,000, that was the bid. Congratulations to our buyers, to our sellers.

Mitch Peereboom:

Hi, I’m Mitch Peereboom, CEO of Harcourts, Queensland. And what a thrill it was today to call an auction for the Henry Wong Team from Harcourts Beyond. That makes it 10 for 10 under the hammer for the team who are specialists in this market. And certainly if you look at today as a result, 17 registered bidders. A sale price of $1,330,000. They truly are the market leaders driving prices, getting outstanding results. And it was an absolute pleasure to work with them today.