How to Be More Productive in the New Year

be more productive

The holidays are fast approaching, and after what has been a tumultuous year for everyone its nearly time to take a break. A time to refresh and bond with family and friends, and prepare ourselves for 2023.

We’ve had a great year here at The Henry Wong Team®, meeting some amazing vendors and buyers and ­cementing our reputation as a highly connected Brisbane real estate agent.

Looking back, one of the reasons for our success this year was because we went into it in a goal-focussed manner. One of the chief goals we prioritised was productivity, and that’s what we want to talk about today.

If you’re going to be efficient, if you’re going to get stuff done and take care of business, then you need to be productive. We learned a lot this year from focusing on being the most productive version of ourselves possible. We want to share some of what we learned with you.

Eight Ways to Be More Productive

1 Visualise It.

Close your eyes and think about what it is you want to achieve. Then imagine how good you feel when you’ve actually done it. Use that feeling to drive you, to give you motivation. You’ll be surprised at how powerful this simple technique is.

2 Chop It Up

Got a massive job or task you need to get through? There’s not much out there that can’t be divided up into smaller pieces. Make your big task into multiple littler tasks that are easy to complete. This will give your efforts structure and direction, and there’s something so satisfying about ticking them all off the ‘to-do’ list.

3 Take Breaks

We’re not robots or machines. Not even the most relentlessly productive people out there can work without taking a break. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just be strategic and ensure you take the right amount of breaks to maintain your focus. If you don’t, you’ll just find yourself getting distracted by things because your brain needs a break. Take a short break to reset every hour or so.

4 Try and Avoid Multi-Tasking

If you do more than one thing at a time, you’re dividing your focus and your abilities. We suggest giving one task all your attention until completed, then moving onto the next one. This successive pattern brings… success!

5 Automate and Delegate

Your time is your most valuable commodity, so manage it wisely. If you’re doing something every day that’s becoming really repetitive, see if there’s a way of automating it. This could be with simple things like keyboard shortcuts or creating standard operating procedures.

If it’s not within the realms of technical possibility, then delegate it to a team member or colleague whose time isn’t as valuable. The message here really is one of prioritising. Do the important stuff yourself, automate or delegate whatever else you can.

6 Surround Yourself with Success

The people around you have a massive impact on your whole frame of mind. If you have productive and successful people around you, they influence you to become better. Success breeds success, and if you surround yourself with it, you’ll find you naturally become more productive to try and emulate it.

7 Become Accountable

You can become accountable to yourself, setting yourself goals and deadlines and doing your best to stick to them. Even more powerful is to become accountable to someone else, because then you don’t want to let them down. Talk to a colleague about what you’re trying to achieve, what your goals are and what your deadline is. Then regularly report back to them. Their encouragement can be significant in helping you achieve your goals.

8 Manage Your Energy

Just as your time is a finite resource, so is your energy. Tired people don’t think clearly and struggle to focus. You need to be at your best to be the most productive, so make sure you use your peak hours efficiently and take rests when required.

There you have some insights into the strategies of the Henry Wong Team® when it comes to staying productive. One last thing to say is that when you have belief in what you’re doing and faith in your vision, it becomes easier to be productive. It’s hard to maintain motivation if you have no enthusiasm for your work. If you can, try and align yourself with roles that speak to your core values.

Wit’s almost time to take a rest form being productive, and we hope you have a great time doing so! Any questions about real estate or property sales? The Henry Wong Team® is always here for you!