Another Successful Off Market Sale

another successful off market sale

A good real estate agent is one who can sell non-standard houses with limited means at their disposal. With this particular Wishart property, the owners had requested an off-market sale. This means we were to try sell the property without it being fully marketed through the main real estate listing portals like realestate.com.au and Domain.

The Henry Wong Team® loves a challenge when it comes to selling Brisbane real estate. Which is why we’ve grown a solid reputation as being the go-to-team when it comes to selling homes off-market. We have the means of putting the homes in front of the right people, no matter what marketing avenues are restricted to us.

The Home, the Challenge 

4 Greendige in Wishart is a lowset, three-bedroom, one-bathroom, two-car home with a swimming pool. Now that sounds great on paper, but the challenge with this home is that it required a lot of work. It had fallen into disrepair over the years and had got to the stage where it would probably be best to knock it down and start afresh. Even a massive renovation may not have been financially viable.

Basically, we had to find someone with an idea for their dream home who was ready to start on the journey of creating it. Our marketing got to work.

Database Marketing and Networking

We’ve been selling real estate south of Brisbane for many years now. In that time we’ve built up a huge network of connections, from industry suppliers to sellers and buyers. The buyers in particular we keep in touch with regularly, letting them know the state of the market and any properties we have coming to market that may interest them. We maintain close relations with them and know them by name.

For this property, we sat down and sifted through our database, having a think about everyone who this home might appeal to. Who would a decent sized block of land in a sought-after area, and be prepared to knock down the existing structure and build their dream home?

After securing the listing, we sent an SMS to 989 groups of qualified buyers. Targeted buyers with an interest in the area and with an eye to build their own home. What was the result of this? We ended up with 20 group inspections, from which we were able to present multiple offers to the sellers.

The successful buyer put forward an unconditional offer, which the seller was more than happy to accept. An unconditional contract comes with no specific conditions to the sale. It’s the most efficient contract of sale in real estate, because conditions can add a lot of time to the settling process. The new owners wish to knock down the home and build their own dream home from scratch, so speed was also important to them.

Happy buyers, happy sellers, happy real estate agents!

We’d like to wish both parties all the best in their new chapters. We love helping people move on in life in the most seamless, stress-free manner. If you’re at a crossroads, needing to move on or just want to find out what the real estate market is doing, why not get in touch with The Henry Wong Team®?