The Henry Wong Team® Maintains 100% Online Auction Clearance Rate in Wishart

online auction case study

online auction case study

A Case Study of 76 Garie St, Wishart

We’re very proud here at The Henry Wong Team® with our latest successful online auction result at 76 Garie Street in Wishart. The excitement is twofold, firstly because we have happy buyers and happy sellers and secondly because it maintains our 100% clearance rate at online auctions in the suburb of Wishart.

76 Garie Street is a spacious and comfortable family home, beautifully presented and offering equal amounts of charm and functionality. With features like dark timber floors, a massive wooden deck and high class finishes throughout, we knew this was going to be a home that tugged on the heart strings of many. We just had to market it the right way.

Our Marketing Methods

We make no secret of our tactics we use to market properties. They hinge on quality materials, expert communication and our massive social media following. For this property, as for every other, it included:

– Professional photography, videography, floor plans and copywriting. There are a lot of properties online, and you want your listing to look attention-worthy. Our professional photography and videography team do exactly that, highlighting what makes a property liveable and attractive.

– Bilingual marketing: All of our marketing is in both English and Chinese, allowing us to cross the cultural divide easily and appeal to a much wider market.

– Social media: Our highly engaged social media accounts exponentially extend our online marketing reach. Our Facebook page has over 8000 followers (likely to be the largest on Brisbane’s southside), our Instagram handle over 5,000 followers and our Linkedin page over 1,000 followers. Because the social media algorithms reward us for our presence, any properties we put onto social media reach a huge number of people.

– Our Database: We’ve built up a big database of buyers over the years. REALLY big. These are people who we communicate with regularly and have formed strong relationships with. When we sell a home, we let them know first. This gives the listing an initial boost of interest, and often has led to a sale before the home goes to market.

The Result

The property was on market for just 20 days. During this relatively short marketing campaign, we had 113 buyer enquiries over social media, thanks to our significant following and reach there. We also had 63 groups inspect the property, and prior to auction four written offers were presented.

After some competitive bidding the property sold at online auction, putting smiles on the faces of the sellers, the buyers and everyone involved in the auction.

The Importance of an Unconditional Sale

An ‘unconditional sale’ means there are no specific conditions attached to the contract of sale. These can include things like a cooling-off period, finance conditions or building and pest conditions. What conditions do is add a lot of time to the sale. For example a sale with a 21 days finance condition will take 41 days to become unconditional: 20 days on market, plus 21 days for finance.

So when The Henry Wong Team® says we sell a home unconditionally in 20 days, it means it’s a done deal within that time frame. There’s no waiting for building and pest, no finance and no cooling-off. It’s efficient and it allows buyers and sellers to move on with the next chapter of their lives.

The Henry Wong Team® Online Auction Success Story

We’re proud to be the ‘Number 1 Online Auction Agent’ in Wishart, with a clearance rate of 100% for the nine homes we’ve sold here under online auction. Here’s a list of these homes:

76 Garie St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

1 Elkana Pl, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

53 Garie St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

34 Winthrop St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

20 Effra St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

2 Agaton St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

2 Chelva St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

41 Stackpole St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

5 St George Ct, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market.

We’ve probably got the shortest average of days on market for unconditional sales, with all our Wishart homes being on the market for just 20 days before being sold at online auction. And we don’t just excel at online auctions… we have a long history of successfully selling properties on the Brisbane southside. Our online reviews are testament to this. They include:

– 65 five-star reviews on realestate.com.au, the highest in Wishart;

– 97 five-star reviews on Google, the highest of any agent on Brisbane’s Southside.

If you’d like to put our experience and knowledge to work for you when you sell your home, or if you simply have real estate questions you’d like answered, please get in touch. We’d love to help out.