The Power of Affinity in Real Estate Marketing

the power of affinity in real estate

Affinity is defined as ‘a likeness based on relationship or causal connection’. It’s a simple definition that sums up the gravitational pull between two entities based on shared similarities. When those two entities are a marketer and a buyer, affinity becomes a remarkably powerful sales force that savvy salesmen can use to their advantage.

How Affinity Can Work in a Real Estate Sale

Imagine you’re a real estate buyer with a budget of a million dollars. You’re an IT professional with a strong interest in the tech world. You’re looking to buy a home and have a budget of one million dollars.

There are two almost identical properties you like equally. Both within your budget and both fulfilling your idea of what your next home should be. How do you choose which one to buy? Well, the agent is going to have a lot to do with it.

Agent A is a personable guy, and after chatting for a while you realise he has a Bachelor of IT in Software Engineering with Distinction, like yourself. You also both have a keen interest in self-help, which Agent A spending thousands of dollars a year on professional courses and books to further himself. You talk about courses and books you’ve both enjoyed.

The second house on the market is presented by Agent B, a real estate agent with no such connection with you. There’s no common background, no professional similarities and no shared experiences to chat about. There’s no affinity.

Who are you more likely to buy your next property from?

The answer is undeniably Agent A, who you have an affinity with. You have an immediate relationship, an instant bond. With that affinity comes a level of trust and a willingness to work together.

Why Affinity is Important

An affinity is a tight bond that can grow into a long-term business relationship. It’s based on an emotive connection, which because of its personable nature is hard to sever. If a buyer has an affinity with an agent, or company or brand, they will view that entity as superior to others because of this emotive connection. Thus, down the track they will always turn to them when they are looking to purchase again.

Creating Affinity in Real Estate Marketing

It’s safe to say a real estate agent can’t expect to have an affinity with every buyer who comes through a home they’re selling. Not everyone is going to have a shared background or common interests. That instant connection won’t be present in all home open attendees. Luckily, there’s a way to create affinity.

It’s called social media.

Social networking sites allow you to speak directly to your follows in a personable way. There’s no difference between how people and companies on social media communicate. It can be friendly and personable, creating the platform for a close bond between a real estate agent and their followers.

The Henry Wong Team® leverages our huge social media presence to create an affinity with our followers. This means when they become buyers there is an instant connection. It’s not just about creating hundreds of posts a day and hoping something resonates. It’s about creating thoughtful, educative and informative posts that give insights into our characters and our company. It’s about staying in touch with people who comment on our posts, who tag us and who come to us for advice.

Affinity can be forged, and social media helps us do exactly that. Follow The Henry Wong Team® on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for insights into building relations and forging affinity.