The Reasons Local Agents No Longer Have Access to Buyers

local agents

  In this video real estate agent Henry Wong from The Henry Wong Team® explains why local agents just aren’t able to reach buyers anymore. Here’s a hint…. They rely on the main property portals too much and don’t actually source buyers themselves. Read more below. “Let me tell you a quick story. It was…Read More→

How Much Should I Offer?

How much should I offer

You’ve found the home you really love. It ticks a lot of your boxes, and you want to put an offer in. This is where the fun starts – what is a reasonable offer? You don’t want to go too high and lose money, you don’t want to go too low and jeopardise any chance…Read More→

Thinking of Downsizing? Watch This.

There’s comes a point in life when people look at their home and think about whether it’s a bit too much real estate for them. Henry Wong has worked with people who are thinking of downsizing or are in the process of it, and in this vlog he has some advice for you: “Hi, I’m…Read More→

Advice for Buyers and Sellers With the Upcoming Election

The election has been called for 18th May by Scott Morrison. Elections are always a turbulent time for real estate prices, as policy promises start to become a distinct and near possibility. In this vlog Henry has some advice for both buyers and sellers. Here’s the transcript: “Hi, I’m Henry Wong from RE/MAX. We’re here…Read More→