What Will Happen to the Property Market in 2022?

property prices 2022

2021 was an unprecedented year for Australian property prices. The real estate market showed an incredible resilience to pandemic-induced negative sentiment in many other industries. A lot of this was due to Australians returning home from overseas and wanting to purchase property in their home country. Favourable interest rates have also played their part, contributing…Read More→

Where are Property Prices Headed?

where are property prices headed

There’s a lot of speculation out there at the moment about the real estate market. In this real estate vlog Henry Wong of Harcourts Beyond chimes in with his take on where are property prices headed. “Hi, welcome to Henry’s Thoughts. Today I’ll talk to you about what’s happening in this kind of market. We’re…Read More→

The Election and Your Property Price

With May 2019 shaping up as the month Scott Morrison will call the Australian Federal Election, this could be a tricky few months for the Australian economy and for property prices across the country. Elections are always associated with times of uncertainty, so it’s best to stay on the ball as to what effect potential…Read More→