The Henry Wong Team® Moves to Harcourts Beyond

Henry Wong Team Moves to Harcourts Beyond

A new year, a fresh start and a new direction. That’s what 2020 is bringing for The Henry Wong Team® and I couldn’t be more excited. After many satisfying and successful years with the Remax brand, I’m looking forward to a future of large growth in our core area. To better align with these goals,…Read More→

Set New Year’s Goals, Not Resolutions

New Years Goals

It’s time to usher in a New Year again, and all across the world people of different cultures are coming up with their New Years resolutions. In fact, resolutions have become almost entirely synonymous with New Years Eve (along with champagne and the all-important midnight countdown!) We use them as a way to decide on…Read More→

Thinking of Downsizing? Watch This.

There’s comes a point in life when people look at their home and think about whether it’s a bit too much real estate for them. Henry Wong has worked with people who are thinking of downsizing or are in the process of it, and in this vlog he has some advice for you: “Hi, I’m…Read More→