Are We in the Last Days of Rate Hikes?

interest rate hikes

There have been a few tough Tuesdays over the last year. As expected, after convening on the first Tuesday of February as they do every month, the Reserve Bank of Australia has just raised the cash rate by .25%. You’d expect we’d be used to this by now, as this is the ninth straight raise…Read More→

RBA Increases the Cash Rate by 50 Basis Points

rba increases cash rate

On the first Tuesday of every month the RBA board meets and decides what needs to happen to the cash rate. As has been widely predicted, when they met this last Tuesday (July) the decision was to raise the cash rate by another 50 basis points. This matches the .5% rate rise last month, preceded…Read More→

Possible Interest Rates Rise in 2022

interest rates

The world has had a pretty tumultuous start to the year, with geopolitical tension seething and eventually boiling over with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This act has set international economies into a bit of a spin, not least because Russia is such a big supplier of oil onto the global market. We’re sure you’ve noticed…Read More→