How Quality Marketing Attracts Quality Buyers

When you’re selling your home, you want to attract the right kind of buyers. Your marketing is the biggest step in doing this. Higher quality marketing attracts higher quality buyers. In this real estate vlog Henry explains how.

“Hi. I’m Henry Wong for Remax. We’re here today to talk about the quality of your marketing and how that determines the quality of your buyers.

Have you ever been to, I guess an expensive store, say a Louis Vuitton, a Hermes, Chanel, Hugo Boss? If you ever have bought any of these products or equivalent, you can understand that as soon as you walk into the store the staff are presented immaculately. They’ve got makeup, their hair’s done properly, their clothes, I guess, is always neat, not many creases. And also when you buy the product everything’s all packaged very, very, very nicely. Now compare if you go to, let’s say a discount store, it’s completely different.

So look, it’s the same thing as when you actually market your home. You wanted your home to be presented very, very well to attract those kind of buyers. The better your home is presented the more quality buyers you’ll attract. So, you won’t walk into a Hugo Boss store, or a Louis Vuitton store and go, “Can I get 20% off?” I mean good luck with that. You can ask the question, but good luck with that. That’s not going to happen because the perception with regards to the buyer is, “You know what, this is quite high end. I’m willing to pay more money.”

You want to have that same perception when a buyer comes in to walk into your home as well. They see the presentation. “You know what, this is great. I’m not going to ask for much of a discount. Here’s the money.”

So, it all comes down to presentation. The photos are done. Obviously the photos, you need to have professional photos, floor plans, you need to have high end brochures. So, the brochures, you don’t want to have black and white. You want to have, depending on your house of course, and your budget, you want to have very nice brochures like this, or even a magazine, a booklet like this. And one thing to take note of. When it comes to marketing your home, obviously choosing the right agency is quite important.

So, the quality of how your home is marketed also depends on the quality of how the agent markets themselves. So, ever since, I would guess since I was a kid, I’ve always believed in practicing what you preach. Now, imagine if an agent is all scruffy looking, they do letter box drops, all black and white photos or market updates, and then here they are talking to you, trying to market your property, tell you, “Hey, you need professional photos, you need this, you need this.” Their own profile photo on the website is not even done in a studio. It’s done on their iPhone. They don’t even get a professional photographer, and here they are asking you to get a professional photographer to take photos of your home. So, in that regard, probably a no go.

You want to have everything that’s consistent. If someone markets your house really well, you also want to make sure they market themselves really well. You want to have a look at their websites. Are their websites all templated, or are they custom made? So, there’s an actual difference.

So, if things are custom made, so everything has to flow and be consistent. If the agent’s very consistent in their presentation, if their inconsistent in, let’s say, their market updates, it’s not a one page flier, it’s a glossy magazine, and that’s how they market themselves, the chances are they’re going to market your property like this, all high end as well. Because at the end of the day you’re after an agent that can actually present your property in the best light, but also to attract the best price for you. But to do that, you need to get the buyers to perceive that, hey, because the property’s presented this way, and the agent, they themselves is presented this way, that they are willing to part with their money and not asking, “Okay, how about a 5% discount? How about a 10% discount?”

So, just remember, imagine going into a Louis Vuitton store and asking them for a 20% discount. That’s not going to fly.”