Henry Wong

Lead Strategist

Let's Make History

Henry Wong has built a career out of providing certainty to sellers. The certainty that he’ll get the job done, that he’ll sell their home in the time frame required at the price its worth.

The stats don’t lie – he takes just 20 days to get an unconditional, cash contract on most of his listings. That means no finance conditions to worry about for the seller. Location doesn’t matter either, he has had equal success in Wishart, Mansfield, Enoggera and New Farm.

In these uncertain times, when buyers are constantly getting their finances reassessed, providing certainty to a seller is extremely valuable. Most agents simply can’t do it.

So how does Henry achieve it?

Two things – his network and his strategy.

When Henry sees a property for the first time, his strategy is to think of all the different kinds of buyers who may be interested in the home. What demographics do the potential buyers fit into? Are they families? Elderly people? What’s their cultural background? He then figures out the best way to put the buyers into a competitive space that creates the best outcome for his client, the seller.

To do this, Henry uses his impressive network. In his life he’s built up a massive personal and professional network across Brisbane, Australia and overseas. It includes well-to-do local, interstate and international buyers, including strong connections with the affluent Asian community.

This network forms the basis of Henry’s strategy for selling real estate. And here’s the thing – it’s not just about selling real estate. It’s about helping people solve their problems by connecting them to a solution provider. Henry opens doors for people in his network, creating opportunities for them.

In this way, by connecting the dots between problems and solutions, Henry strengthens the ties with his network. The professionals in his network give Henry access to affluent buyers, whether local, interstate or overseas. If you’re looking for a financial planner, an estate lawyer, a business broker, a private banker or even an intellectual property lawyer, Henry can refer you to them. He’s more than just a real estate agent, he’s a problem solver… and that gives him unique access to wealthy buyers.

Think about it – when you send someone in your network a client, you get their attention and strengthen the bond you have with them. This means they’re more likely to refer you. So when Henry lists a property, his network sends it the way of everyone they know looking for a home.

Creating relationships. Connecting the dots. Building trust. That’s how Henry Wong ensures certainty for his sellers. He did it with RE/MAX from 2012 to 2019, where he was in the top 15 of RE/MAX agents nationwide for three years in a row. After a couple of years with another brand, he’s back at RE/MAX with a fresh edge, a unique vigour and a relentless determination!

For a stress-free real estate sale with an outcome you can predict, get in touch with him today.