Happy One Year Work Anniversary

one year work anniversary

It’s been a year since Henry Wong started working at Harcourts Beyond. In this video with principal Paul Siaw they chat about the common values and work culture at Harcourts Beyond.

Paul: Good morning, everyone. My name is Paul Siaw, I’m from Harcourts Beyond. I have a special guest here today with me on my right, Henry Wong. We have a special day today. Today is Henry Wong’s work anniversary. So I have a special work anniversary gift for Henry. I have a holiday voucher for Henry to say thank you to Henry and to show appreciations for his contribution for last year. Even though last year, 2020, was a difficult year, I have to say you did an awesome job. I just want to show our appreciations. Now, Henry, talk a little bit about what is it that you love about working with us?

Henry: Well, when I joined you guys last year, firstly, I joined primarily because of you and Victor, first and foremost, and then Harcourts, the brand itself. And what I love is that everyone gets along. In real estate, you spend a lot of time working. You actually spend more time working than what you do at home, so it’s very important the environment, the culture, the people that you all get along and there’s harmony. It’s very, very important. And that’s why I really enjoyed you guys. You guys are very firm on your values. Very fair, but very firm on your values. And you don’t see that in many places, especially in the real estate industry.

Henry: And another thing I really like about the whole team at Harcourts Beyond is the principles. Yourself and Victor, you heavily invest in technology and forward-thinking, and you’re paying for advice, but you’re leading by example. A lot of principals don’t do that. You’re thinking of better ways, not just with the property management, but also with the sales and how you could help everyone out. And everybody here, we all help each other out. We all have a giver’s mentality. The more you give, the more you get in life, and that’s what we all believe in. This whole culture, it’s thanks to you. Thanks to you and Victor. You created this culture. Everything comes from the top.

Paul: Thank you so much for that awesome feedback, and I really appreciate that. And at the same time, we couldn’t have done it without having the right people. And you are one of the right people that is part of that team to actually grow together as one team. And I just want to say, thank you again for last year’s contribution. Even though it was a tough year last year, 2020, you know what? We worked together, we stuck together and we are still here kicking goals, and that’s the most important part. So just want to give you a gift to say thank you. I know that we got to stay 1.5 meters, so here we go. So we’re going to go that way.

Henry: Thanks for the gift. This is a holiday gift voucher. Both of us are smiling, but because of the current environment we’re in, you can’t our faces.

Paul: Awesome, mate. Awesome. Just want to say happy work anniversary.

Henry: Thank you.