Digital Presence in Real Estate

henry wong digital presence

Henry recently went onto the Australian Entrepreneurs Club (check them out here: https://www.instagram.com/ausentrepreneursclub/ ) podcast for a chat about success, networking and business life. One of the topics touched upon was ‘Digital Presence in Real Estate’, which you can see a clip of below.  


Today we want to talk about digital presence, what it is, why it’s important and how it makes it easier for people to refer your business to others. 

What is Digital Presence?

Digital presence is how your business appears online. Henry is a big fan of physical networking to grow his reach, but that needs to be supported by digital presence too. This comes in the form of a number of public-facing marketing channels, normally anchored by a business website that looks professional and is informative too. 

Social media channels are also an important component of digital presence. Large and engaged followings on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn not only help with getting real estate listings exponentially more traction, they also give your brand massive credibility. 

Website Importance

One cornerstone of an effective website is regular updates. Say a homeowner is looking for a real estate agent to sell their home, and someone in Henry’s physical network refers him to them. They Google him and log onto his website. They see it has an article written this week about real estate market conditions, and an informative article written and published every week before that. 

Not only does this place Henry as an authority figure on real estate, it shows he has his finger on the pulse of the market. The vendor will be far more inclined to contact him to sell their home than an agent with no website, or an outdated website that contains little or poor information. 

Social Media Engagement

The size of your social media following is important to potential customers too. For a start, the more followers you have, the greater your reach, so more people are likely to stumble across your pages or your posts (for context, Henry has nearly 12,000 Facebook followers and nearly 4,500 Instagram followers.) It also gives you credibility, because if you have a large following you clearly have something important to say and are doing something right!

As important as the size of your following is how engaged your followers are. When posting, do you get multiple likes, comments and shares? Engagement is an important metric of popularity, and something your digital presence will definitely get judged on. 

High Quality Content

One way to ensure good engagement with your followers is to invest in quality content. People are more likely to share quality content, and it’s destined to reach more people online than mediocre offerings. Well thought out blog posts and professionally produced videos or photography are good places to start, which are both something that Henry and his team constantly work on. 

User Reviews

User reviews are very important when it comes to your digital presence. Potential clients always want to know about the experience of others who have used your service, and things like Google reviews are always a starting point for them. If you have many 5-star Google reviews, it shows you have many happy customers who have taken the time to vouch for your service. 

Henry currently has 149 google reviews, with an average of 4.9/5 stars. This, together with his stellar content and large following, makes it easier for people in his physical network to refer his services to real estate vendors. They can have the confidence that when they research Henry and his team online, his strong digital presence would legitimise and support their referral. 

If you’d like to chat about digital presence, or want to use Henry and his strong following to help with the sale of your home, please get in touch with the Henry Wong Team® today!